1. Praise three persons everyday.

2. Live within your means.

3. Treat others in the manner you expect others to treat you.

4. Be cautious in making friends.

5. A secret is a secret. Learn to keep it to yourself.

6. In a social event spend some time with people whom you do not meet in every day life

7. Accept your mistakes.

8. Be generous & donate some percent of your income.

9. Choose any one of your religious books. Keep it by your bedside. Chant atleast one mantra daily.

10. Do not say 'NO' bluntly. it should seem like yes.

11. DO NOT CHEAT anyone in your life. Do business in a straightforward manner.

12. Never make big promises.

13. LISTEN. Opportunity comes with a whisper.

14. Do not do work while in ANGER.

15. Be proud of your family lineage.

16. Make full payment only when the work is complete.

17. Know your strength as well as your weaknesses.

18. Be careful when dealing with the persons who have nothing to loose.

19. To win a war, do not mind losing a small battle.

20. Either LEAD, FOLLOW or get OUT of the way

21. Do not expect the world to be judicious with you.

22. If you do not know a subject, say that you do not know

23. Make a list of 25 things that you want to do in your life and see it weekly at least.

24. Only those become rich who know the value of money.

25. Choose a wise friend, in whom you can confide.

26. Do not reach your optimum while bargaining/ donating due to your sudden sentimental spurts.

27. Never criticize someone behind his back. The news will surely reach him.

28. Live in the present.