·        The mind grows from 0-100% by the time it is 5 years of age (a one year old understands Chinese!)…but the body grows 100% only by the age of 21 years… However, our Soul (thoughts!) which is a function of time of birth, Lineage, town, country, education, upbringing, friends, work-experience, society etc starts maturing only after age 35-40 yrs…which means that earlier than age 35-40 years, one cannot really not differentiate between the GOOD/BAD/EVIL…(or Soch-Vichar-Chintan-Manan & then Karam)…. or literally choose a logical & wise LIFE path…


·        The Gita states that our Soul is immortal…Shakespeare/Gandhi etc are immortal only because they wrote down their thoughts…so too can each and every one of us… no one like us was born ever before… or will take birth again…


·        Children up-to 35-40 years of age should not be exposed to raw emotions…unfiltered sentiments (by ADULTS!). The exceptions are there due to circumstances as a broken family/death etc…The world recognizes this fact… as age 35-45 years is called the prime of our life and CEOs are chosen at this age


·        After age 40, the body (health!) starts sliding downhill & one’s body becomes the weakest link in the trio of MIND- BODY- SOUL…Now we have to utilize our strengths i.e.…the Soul (Soch) + the Mind to work on strengthening of our body & will ourselves to live beyond 100 years (of productive life!)


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